Mother's Day Out

Our program provides a loving, Christian environment for children ages 6 weeks to 3 years old, three days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).  Our director, Judy Simokat, has been leading this program for over 30 years.


  1. For children who are 6 weeks to 3 years old.  Children who are 3 by September 1 will only be accepted if they are on the waiting list for 3 year old kindergarten at St. Luke's. (Exceptions will be made for church members and children enrolled in St. Luke's kindergarten.)
  2. The charge is $10.00 per child for 2 1/2 hours (9:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon).  This service must be limited, with church members having first choice.
  3. Children must be registered in advance by paying on a monthly basis.  This will insure that we have adequate staff to care for your child.
  4. A snack of cold drink and cookies will be provided.  If you prefer something else, you may bring their snack.  If your child is not potty trained, please bring diapers, wipes and change of clothes.  Label all items including jackets and sweaters.  If your child is staying for extended care, you will need to provide their lunch.
  5. For the child's protection, parents are asked not to bring the child before 9:30 a.m., there will be no one on duty before that time.  Please pick your child up at 12:00, unless you have made arrangements for extended care.  If you are in a car pool for the kindergarten, please pick your child up before getting into line to pick up the older child.  If you find you are going to be late, please call the church office 843-873-2652 to get a message to Mother's Day Out.


To help keep the spread of infection in our program to a minimum, please use the following guidelines to determine whether your child should attend.


  1. There is a fever over 100 degrees.
  2. There is a Strep Infection: Child should stay at home until fever free and antibiotic have been given for 24 hours.
  3. There is Conjunctivitis (eyes that are weeping or matted, pink eye): Child should stay at home until medication has been given for 24 hours and eyes are clear.
  4. There are frequent watery bowel movements (diarrhea):  Child should stay home until stool begins to be firm.  NOTE: Doctors tell us that teething does not cause diarrhea; teething causes teeth.
  5. Child is vomiting: Child should be kept at home until the child can retain food.
  6. Child has Impetigo: Child should be kept at home until medication has been given for 24 hours and oozing and crusting has ceased.
  7. Child has head Lice:  Child should be kept at home until measures have been taken to rid the child and the home of lice.
  8. Child has Chicken Pox:  Child should be kept at home until all lesions have scabbed and are dry.
  9. Child appears too ill to participate in Mother's Day Out activities.
  10. Child has any illness that your doctor considers contagious.

The Mother's Day Out coordinator has the discretion to refuse any child she feels does not meet these guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation in making this a healthier year for your child and his/her playmates.



Half Day 9:30 a.m. - Noon $10.00
Full Day 9:30 a.m. - 1:25 p.m. $16.00
Lunch Bunch Noon - 1:25 p.m  $ 6.00

Download the registration form HERE.